SINCE 1966
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BSD (acronym for Bernardino de Sousa Dias, the founder of our company) sees the light of the day in 1966, as a family company dedicated to the production of blankets. Back in the 80’s, this product – being highly seasonal and facing the competition of the new comer duvet – was abandoned and the whole production structure was reconverted in order to start producing bathroom towels. Since the 90’s, bedroom and kitchen product lines have been a balanced complement to the bedroom offer. Top quality was always the ultimate focus of our founder, who saw the need to create a very firm identity as a differentiating priority. By abiding by this principles, BSD has been able to be one of the most traditional Portuguese companies within the home textiles sector, being present in the main markets, with classic but always contemporary products. Our company works on the high-end product segment, relying on the rigorous selection of raw materials, the undoubtful experience stock acquired during decades and the permanent bet on an exclusive and innovative design.
Bernardino Sousa Dias

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

James Cash Penney

A specialized and well trained team, responsible for the entire production process, comprising concept, product development, weaving and fabrication.

We are very proud to keep a very small place, which works nowadays as a workshop, and was in the past the original infrastructure of BSD, with only 20 sqm, with one sole loom, one sole family. Today, we have a 8.000 sqm plant with approximately 90 workers.

Since 1966

Production of high-quality home textiles with appreciation and fulfillment of the expectations of the various interested parties.


To be a reference in the home textile sector with recognition of the quality, sustainability and innovation of its products and services.


. Reputation

. Ethic

. Quality

. Social responsability

. Efficiency

. Sustainability 

Quality Policy

In line with the demands of the markets, we intend to base our activity on the following aspects:

• Foster an attitude of professionalism towards customers, satisfying their demands in terms of product quality, in strict compliance with delivery deadlines;

• Constant concern with innovation in terms of design and raw materials, combined with high quality products;

• Maintaining a good relationship with employees, investing in their continuous training, providing the acquisition of skills in accordance with the ever-increasing level of demand in the performance of their duties and encouraging involvement in the organization;

• Focus on suppliers that meet our standards of quality and innovation;

• Meeting the expectations of the various interested parties;

• Compliance with legislation and other applicable requirements.

Since 1966

Devilla is our self raised trademark, registered in 1999, totally directed to high-end niches. Owner of a very strong and unique personality, and based on a very exclusive design, the brand takes us to sophisticated and romantic scenes.

Bsousa Dias is clearly directed to corporate clients, and therefore develops product lines aiming at serving private label markets.

Mundu is another trademark created and managed by us, is our brand dedicated to beach and decor articles.

Since 1966


Since 1966
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